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imagine winter in frosted hellsinki... stalking the dirty grey snowscapes of an urban nightmare with oldschool dub-classics in my ears, playing on my low-battery run walkman... the riddim of reinforced concrete tombstones rammed into the hardned soil mixes with the off-beat, the foundation of new buildings... shelves for the livestock of this system, slaves of moloch, white material... the only lights are synthesized, but very soon they will fade to black. this is white babylon and instead of burning, it will freeze and shatter, then melt like the rest of this horrid white world into a greygoo apocalypse.


in the boundaries of PUNKrock’n’roll employees like the müllGRMM TÜTEsk 7”….


# independent [screwed] - swishahouse [ron c & watts] / the return of the realest

# kamikaze space programme - the curse of the golden vampire / the curse of the golden vampire

# M4L [screwed] - swishahouse / tax season

# tube disaster - libbe matz gang / tripwire

# 21st century _ bad enzyme - walter gross / rotorcraft

# the runined life of someone better - the angelic process / …and your blood is full of honey

# a little procedure [intermezzo]

# fistfunk - techno animal / radio hades

# our children’s children - VS//YOU†HCLUB / The Pasture, The Oil Remixes

# the way of the gun - cult of the 13th hour / mary anne Hobbs presents evangeline

# people are strange - stina nordenstam / www???

# cnt tell me n666thin x kanye west - 666deadgurl/// / www???

# high ideals and crazy dreams - mark stewart & the maffia / learning to cope with cowardice

# guilty - mcpullish / black metal white reggae

# we want war - these new puritans / hidden

# daisy cutter - libbe matz gang / tripwire

# juvenile laison - libbe matz gang / tripwire



even though the link states different, here’s UNCARVED's AUGUST UPDATES with some friendly reminders of where to virtually go and what to check out….thanks for the support!

ABWÄRTS - computerstaat (1980)

beautiful live-video of my FAVOURITE german punkbands.

this shirt has made my (yester-)day,
on the helsinki PUNXPICKNIC….


S H O P - T I L L - Y O U - D R O P (updated-shopping-list)

go/click and buy the müllGRMM - TÜTEsk 7” over there (if you don’t want to get it directly from me, that is):
ROUGH TRADE [london, uk]
PRAXIS [berlin, germany]
RED WIG [amsterdam, netherlands]
KINK RECORDS [www, ???]
BIS AUFS MESSER [berlin, germany]
X-MIST [nagold, germany]
LEVYKAUPPA ÄX [helsinki, finland]
DIGELIUS [helsinki, finland]
MUSTA KANIN KOLO [hell-slinki, finland]
LA VIDA ES UN MUS [hackney, UK]

to avoid confusion i should have called this a split, but it isn’t. it is, however, the coolest thing to pass my ears this month. berlin’s MÜLLTÜTE are given the business by finnish act GRMMSK, resulting in a total mind fuck that barely treads water and pushes not just the boundaries of what is punk, but what is music. damaged dub and industrial noise reinterpretations of a killer hardcore band is something i can absolutely get behind. (WN for Maximum Rocknroll #376 • Sept 2014)





# your body belongs to the state (CONSOLIDATED - friendly fa$hism)

# sulphur goat (FUJAKO - landform)

# menace (LOGOS - cold mission)

# cctv (LV vs. DANDELION - dub echos)

# Exist in the Repeat of Practice (RAIME - quarter turns over a living line)

# dead referee (KATIE GATELY - katie gately)

# thor’s stone (lee ‘scratch’ perry remix) (FOREST SWORDS -remixtape)

# deep cuts (BOLDER - hostile enviroment)

# enter static (MILD MAYNYRD - the parallel)

# fishsh (featuring sensational) (DEAD FADER - quietus dwnld)

# this is how it feels (dub) (THE GOLDEN PALOMINOS - macro dub infection)

# excavation (part 2) (THE HAXAN CLOAK - excavation)

# no [more] (GRMMSK - upcoming 12” on sozialistischer plattenbau)

# your cast will tire (RAIME - quarter turns over a living line)

# panic (SPECTRE, THA ILL SAINT - the true & living

# untold stories (MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO - satyricon)



cleaning the screen after printing some shirts…

GRMMSK interviewed by John Eden in TURBULENT TIMES #9.
click on the images to blow them up.
[if you can’t read it or simply thing the WWW will never be a appropriate surrogate for D.I.Y. fanzines, get your grips on a copy of this outstanding fanzine HERE at UNCARVED.]
it contains this:
Nocturnal Emissions – Nigel Ayers talks about his recent “Spinal Correction Shred” cassette amongst other stuff.
GX Jupitter-Larsen – The Haters mainstay on revolutionary noise anthems, nihilism etc.
Adventures in Noise Dub – A voyage into the cassette underground. Can we believe the hype?
Libbe Matz Gang – The cult lo-fi electronics unit play hard to get.
GRMMSK – Alienated doom dub from the frozen wastes.
Harsh Noise History – Eraciator’s less than helpful genre guide.
My Summer of Noise – live reviews
Audio Reviews

W A R N I N G !
some of the müllGRMM-TÜTEsk 7”es contain a recordplayer-burnout-virus, that will fry your hardware. this even happend to myself, when i tried to listen to the new record after i finally got it, after some seconds the device i was using slowed down, stopped and smoke came out of the cases holes (video).
still we are selling them, PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

finally got my copies of the müllGRMM-TÜTEsk 7”. you can order your copy now directly from me by e-mail or via bandcamp.


GRMmix #2 (aka ALL THIS SHIT)

below’s a mix a made for the weekly RADIO BEKOLA show. check it out or download it HERE.